12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk ( from secular persepective)

Smile, breath and go slowly    -    Thich Nhat Hanh

Since I started practice ZEN , I've been following these simple ideas for how to live in my life as who I am. 

 I will share the one at each time of these 12 rules come from my mentor David Zimmerman   published by Leo Babauta / Zen Habits Blog

I'm not a Zen monk, nor will I ever become one. However, I find great inspiration in the way they try to live their lives. The simplicity of their lives. The concentration and mindfulness of every activity, the calm and peace they find in their days.

You probably don't want become a Zen monk either, but you can live your life in a Zen-like manner by following a few simple rules.

Why live more like a Zen monk? Because who among us can't use a little more concentration, tranquility, and mindfulness in our live? Because Zen monks for hundreds of years have devoted their lives to being present in everything they do, to being dedicated and to serving others. Because it serves as an example for our lives, and whether we ever really reach thet idea is not the point.

However, I am not a Zen master..... I've found that there are certain principles that can be applied to any life, no matter what your religious beliefs or what your standard of living.

Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine                    -     Shunryu Suzuki


1. Do one thing at a time                                                                                                                             

 This rule is a part of the life of a Zen monk : single task, don't multi - task. When you're pouring water, just pour water. When you're eating, just eat. When you're bathing, just bathe. Don't try to knock off few tasks while eating or bathing. Zen proverb : " When walking, walk. When eating ,eat"

Next one coming soon .... yes I do one thing at the time as Zen :)