Body and Mind Disentanglement Session

Beautiful Spirit Dwell in Healthy Strong Body


Your mind is refracting to your movement and that made your posture set , and your posture effect to your thought that is your mind. So we can not work one way but to integrate mind and body.  

The key is the third position's eyes which is not comes from your emotion either reaction. Just stare yourself from outside and observe what you feel and react without judgment. Pay attention and aware your sense of physical body and mind. Everything comes from within not outside.

Move your body with yoga influenced poses with hands on. 

We will start in a relaxing restorative pose with deep breath. You will hear the sound of the tuning fork bringing your body in tune.  By moving your body gradually, we will know where in your body we need to focus on to discover your tendencies and patterns. Hands on is key to guiding your body to be aligned with Reiki energy. This works especially well for a beginner, an injured practitioner or a mid/advanced practitioner wanting to learn alignment to go deeper within their practice. I am here to support you and ease your fears and deepen your practice with my anatomical knowledge and years of experience.

Sound bath at shavassana is amazing! The sonic vibration will penetrate your fully open body and mind. Finally we will sit together. Meditation practice increase your awareness and focus, allowing and trust yourself. make your intuition stronger with confidence.

 I can picture your bright face after the session! 

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Private session will be designed by individually.

90min  Including physical movement, sound healing, and meditation.